Current Project


2nd Project

Following on from our 2019 Group Project of Lace Bunting a group member suggested we make a lace tablecloth.  Once again, our Mentor Marion Sherriff put her thinking cap on and came up with a simple ground and butterfly pattern using Torchon Techniques. Each insert is worked with approximately 34 pairs using 30 Finca. Most of the design is completed in white with anyone of the butterflies in a coloured thread or the whole design can be done in white.

Marion has kindly provided everyone with a square of linen on which they are going to embroider their name. Their completed inserts will then be sewn around their signed piece of linen whereafter all the squares will be joined together to form the tablecloth.

Start of our KLG Tablecloth 2022

Those of us who do not wish to complete an insert have been given the task of undertaking a simple lace edging to finish the project.

Like most lace makers, we have more than one project on the go but this one is simple enough that it makes a nice break from undertaking some of the more complicated laces e.g., Bedfordshire, Bucks Point etc